A map showing the primary probate decedent's residence is Nebraska and a red arrow pointing to the ancillary probate real estate in Florida.

Ancillary Probates

A map showing the primary probate decedent's residence is Nebraska and a red arrow pointing to the ancillary probate real estate in Florida.Our law firm is often requested by both lawyers and clients from other states to manage an ancillary probate administration in Florida. Jackson Law represents clients needing probate administration throughout the entire state. Ancillary probate is not to be confused with other types of probate.

What is Ancillary Probate?

Ancillary probateĀ is the administrative process used to transfer property ownership to beneficiaries of a deceased resident (decedent) of one state (e.g. Nebraska) who owned property or real estate in another state (e.g. Florida). This process often occurs simultaneously with a primary probate administration already being administered on behalf of the beneficiaries by a lawyer in the decedent's state of residence.

Why Hire a Probate Lawyer?

There are advantages for beneficiaries to use a probate lawyer in the decedent's resident state to collaborate with lawyers in other states and manage ancillary probates. First, their resident lawyer already has procured most all of the essential documents necessary for filing in any other state; the resident lawyer is more qualified to understand probate law and can more effectively and efficiently discuss those laws with the ancillary lawyer, and beneficiaries are often too busy to take time out to research and hire a lawyer in another state because of demands on their daily lives or distractions caused by the tragic event of loss of their deceased loved one.

While there may be an additional cost for the resident lawyer's services to assist with ancillary probate, it is beneficial to the beneficiaries to have someone with knowledge of the ancillary probate process assisting them in following its progress. Be aware that a beneficiary of the decedent's resident state can hire a law firm such as Jackson Law and it does not require that beneficiaries visit Florida at any time during an ancillary probate administrative process.

Avoid Probate with Jackson Law PA

If you want to spare your family the expense and headache of either formal or ancillary probate court proceedings after your death, make avoiding probate for property both within or outside of your state of residence an immediate priority. Revocable Trusts and Transfer-On-Death deeds known as Life Estate Deeds are just 2 methods used to ensure probate is not required.

If one of your loved ones died and was a resident of a state other than Florida and you need a lawyer to manage ancillary probate for property owned by the decedent, contact Jackson Law to represent you. The firm manages probate administration in all 67 counties throughout Florida.