What Our Past Clients Have to Say About Our Firm

At Jackson Law P.A., we are proud to have helped large numbers of individuals and families with their estate planning needs, and we look forward to taking action on your case. Over the years, we have accumulated a client list that numbers into the thousands, and many of these people use us as their full-service law firm, hiring us not only for estate planning but for help in our other areas of practice. If you are looking for an Orlando estate planning attorney, it is in your best interest to ensure that you find one who has the skill and experience necessary to help you implement the most effective strategies for your unique situation. Furthermore, you need a lawyer who will take a sincere interest in your case and who will go the extra mile to ensure that your estate plan meets your needs. Read through some of the testimonials we have received from our previous clients, and then contact us to discuss your situation and learn more about how we can help.

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    Our greatest respects and thanks to Kristen and her staff.

    Kristen Jackson has been our family’s estate planning attorney for many years, and the entire family is pleased by her professional services. After years of knowing Kristen well, we can all say with assurance that she and the other lawyers of her firm live up to the firm’s motto, ‘Together We Stand.’ Kristen treats us special and welcomes us each time we contact her or meet in her offices in preparation or changes to our estate planning needs. Our greatest respects and thanks to Kristen and her staff.

    Orlando, FL

  • Jackson Law PA

    Thank you for helping me!

    When my father died in Orlando, Florida, I was unsure how I was going to manage his estate affairs from Butte, Montana, where I live. My father died without a will and I was his only child. He left a house, bank accounts, automobiles and other assets. My attorney at Jackson Law quickly put all my concerns to rest. She informed me that even though a probate court proceeding was required in order to transfer to me all of my father’s assets, the proceeding could be initiated immediately and managed through emails, by mail and by telephone. Once I was named personal representative over my father’s estate, I flew to Orlando to meet with my attorney and attain control over my father’s estate. My sincerest thanks to my attorney, Kristen Jackson, and her law firm for helping me during an emotional and stressful time in my life.

    Butte, MT

  • Jackson Law PA

    We feel very fortunate to have been referred to you by our neighbor.

    Thank you so much for assisting us in the preparation of our sales contract for our home and managing our real estate closing. We feel very fortunate to have been referred to you by our neighbor. You handled our closing in the most professional manner and working with you and your staff made it an enjoyable experience. My wife and I will be returning to have you prepare one of those life estate deeds you informed us about during the closing.

    Lady Lake, FL

  • Jackson Law PA

    Without a doubt a firm I can place my trust in

    For the past 12 years I have been buying and selling commercial properties. Jackson Law has prepared or reviewed most of my real estate contracts, managed title work, real estate closings and often negotiates contracts on my behalf. The attorneys and staff are wonderful to work with and have made each of my closings seem uncomplicated and systematically simple. Many thanks to Jackson as you are without a doubt a firm I can place my trust.

    Kissimmee, FL

  • Jackson Law PA

    I am fortunate to have found a wonderful attorney that could manage my probate affairs.

    I am fortunate to have found a wonderful attorney that could manage my probate affairs. It was emotional enough to lose my parents but to learn that as an only child that I was not entitled to their assets without hiring a lawyer, my emotions were amplified. You and your staff helped me to manage my emotions by making the probate process an uncomplicated event. At the end of the probate when my parent’s assets were granted to me, there was no greater moment than to learn that the house I grew up in that holds all the memories of my mother, father and my childhood was now mine. I will remember you always for your help and should I or others I know need legal help, I will be sure they come your way.

    Windermere, FL