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As a Real Estate Administrator working with Jackson Law, Laura Jackson works with the attorneys, real estate staff and clients in scheduling, coordinating and finalization of real estate pre-closing and post-closing documents. Her execution skills of staff management are the derivative of her real estate sales, contracts, title and closing experience. Laura, a Realtor, works with the firm’s clients to sell or buy properties. Laura is a beneficial asset to the entire law firm.

Laura is also a Realtor with the Jackson Florida Realtor/Florida Realty Investments buying and selling properties. She is married to Chuck Jackson, also a Realtor and member of the Jackson Law team. Laura and Chuck have three children and a long loving marriage.

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Laura’s family relocated to Orlando Florida when she was but two years old and Laura considers herself a true Central Floridian. Being from a family of strong Christian values, Laura attended private Christian schools including elementary and middle school at Orlando Junior Academy, high school at Forest Lake Academy before attending college at Southern Adventist University in Collegedale Tennessee, a suburb of Chattanooga, where she obtained her nursing degree.

After 35 years in practice as a Registered Nurse, Laura rose to a position of Nurse Educator where she lecturers and teaches those who learn the ethical, respectful, and strategic importance of optimal care of vulnerable patients. In her practice as an educator, she has learned that the same core value she learned as an RN are essential in all business, and applies these values in her practice of Real Estate. Laura says “Although different subject matters, health and home are intertwined. Whether you have been in a hospital or you are buying or selling a home, both are life events and an emotional roller coaster ride. Both require facts, delivered with compassion in the attempt to attain the most favorable outcome for the family involved.”

No one understands compassion and favorable outcome greater than Laura and her family. As a stage 3 Cancer Survivor, she and her family took an emotional roller coaster ride that reached from Orlando to Germany over a period of many months. Facing the potential of a perilous outcome, undeterred one day while in Germany, she observed a glider plane pass the clinic where she was being treated for her cancer and decided to try gliding herself regardless of her condition. So, she and Chuck rented bicycles, found the glider airstrip, she strapped a parachute to her back and took a glider plane ride across the countryside. The danger gave her new found confidence and in the months that followed Laura overcame her cancer and remains cancer free today. A True Survivor.

Buyers or Sellers alike will find no better Realtor representation than Laura. Her family, friends, peers, and business constituents alike quickly recognize her dependable, honest, and compassionate hard-working ethics in her representation of buyers and sellers when selling or finding homes for families. As a Realtor, daughter, wife, mother, nurse, cancer survivor and Christian, no one understands the family unit more that Laura and the importance of selling or buying a home. She understands that each house is the place of childhood memories, places we argued and played, marked our door jambs with markings of growth, got ready for school, hung our artwork, worked out of, and built futures.

Laura believes a house is more than just a house, it’s “HOME” and she wants her buyers and sellers to know that when representing them.

  • Southern Adventist University in Collegedale Tennessee University
  • Associates in Science - Nursing University
  • First Covenant Church of Winter Park
  • Florida Realtor
  • Registered Nurse (RN)