The Puzzle to Wills & Trusts

Our lives are like intricate puzzles, made up of scattered pieces gathered over the years. Each piece represents crucial parts such as family, experiences, and achievements. As we journey through life, we painstakingly fit these pieces together, shaping a coherent picture of who we are and what we value. When our individual stories reach their end, the puzzle we've built shouldn't vanish. It should stand as a lasting legacy, made of memories, values, and possessions, influencing future generations and fostering growth.

Estate planning, like puzzles, holds all these pieces together—homes, cars, bank accounts, investments, and more. Yet, many families struggle with this puzzle, lacking the will or trust to smoothly pass on these assets. Managing our wealth ensures this puzzle endures positively. By planning wisely, we ensure what we leave behind enriches lives, enabling others to build on our foundation. Our lives are interconnected pieces of a bigger puzzle, each contributing to a legacy that extends beyond our time. Yet, too often, people overlook this, focusing more on the present than preparing for the future's uncertainties.

For those who pay little attention to heritage and inheritance, their life's puzzle pieces too often end up in the family dump known as probate court. This leaves their families to sift through the rubble, relying on the court to manage the disarray and distribute the deceased's belongings fairly. Each year, only about 32% of people in the US prepare a last will or trust, and nearly half of those misplace or fail to follow their attorney's instructions. As a result, 85% of Americans find themselves caught in the chaos of probate court, trying to piece together the puzzle of their loved one's estate.

Managing our assets and wealth becomes crucial in ensuring the continuity of this puzzle. Through careful planning and stewardship, we ensure that the pieces we leave behind contribute positively to the ongoing narrative of life. Passing on resources and wisdom becomes a means to sustain and enrich the lives of those who come after us, allowing them to build upon the foundation laid by their predecessors. In essence, our lives are interconnected pieces of a larger puzzle, each contributing to a legacy that extends beyond our own time. Unfortunately, most people spend little time caring about all they have acquired in their life and focused more on the moment rather than the fact that their life could end abruptly at any moment and leaving those left behind in an emotional quandary and squabbles over who gets what now deceased.

You hold the puzzle of your family’s legacy in your hands. Don't leave your family stranded in the probate court, also known as the family dump. Consult with one of our experienced attorneys at Jackson Law PA to complete your family puzzle by preparing a last will or revocable living trust.